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Green coffee beans
Green coffee beans

Welcome to A website about health supplements.  Do they work and should you buy them?  The answer to this questions varies depending on which supplements we talk about.  Some health supplements have well-documented health benefits and are worth paying for.  Other supplements are nothing but scams.  They do nothing or might in some cases even hurt your health.

Some health supplements can be grown in your garden or on your window sile.  To grow your own supplements is a healthy and cheap option. Growing your supplements guarantees that there are no contaminations in the supplements you eat. Examples of supplements that are easy to grow include Forskolin, Ginger and Ginseng. You can read more about growing your own supplements in our section about growing your own supplements.

How to know if it works?

It can sometimes be hard to know whether a health supplement works or if it a scam designed to make money selling worthless supplements.  Some supplements have been well researched and have proven effects on the body. Examples of such supplements include caffeine and Theobromine.   Other substances have proven effects, but it is unclear whether you will benefit from eating a supplement containing that supplement or not. A prime example of this is vitamins.  Vitamins have proven effects and are very important for your health.  A lot of research do, however, indicate that you get no benefit from eating vitamin supplements.  The body does not absorb the vitamin supplements very well and people who eat a decent diet usually get enough vitamins anyway.

Then there are the supplements that have no proven effect what so ever or that is marketed misleadingly. There are plenty of supplements that have proven effects but that is claimed to have other effects in the marketing.  An example of this is that many supplements are sold with advertising promising that the supplement will help treat cancer or other terminal diseases even though there is no evidence that the supplements can help cancer patients.

Be very wary when you see supplements that are promising too much.  That promise to do things that modern medicine can not.  These supplements are almost always a scam.  If you want to try them, you can do so, but you should never use these supplements instead of modern medicines. You should always ask your doctor if a supplement might interact with a supplement before you try it.  But your faith in medical science, not unsubstantiated claims from people who want to sell expensive supplements.

Always look at the scientific data and see if a supplement seems to work or not.  Only trust research from an established well respected scientific institution.  Do not trust studies from unknown or partial research institutions.

How to spot scams?

It can sometimes be hard to spot scams.  But most scams are easy to spot.  The most common indication that a supplement is a scam is that the advertising is promising the moon.  Good products do not promise more then they can deliver.  Scam products promise you incredible results and that the product can help with everything from male baldness to cancer.  Do not trust miracle products.

Always do a google search before you buy a product. See what scientific websites have to say about the supplement. Do not rely on websites selling the supplement as sources for your information.

“Supplement name + scam”, “Supplement name + does it work”, and “Supplement name + research” are three good searches to perform in Google to evaluate a supplement.

Subscription scams are common among health supplements.  I recommend that you never sign up to a supplement subscription. It is always better and cheaper to buy the products when you need it.  It might be tempting to accept a “try free” offer but these offers are made to make money, and it is usually better to pay for the products instead. It is cheaper in the long room.

I recommend that you buy health supplements from large well-established companies.  Publicly traded companies that have a reputation to uphold and that stand to lose a lot of money by selling scams.  This is not necessarily true for small companies that are have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Example of large reliable health supplement producers includes NBTY Inc, Herbalife, Nutraceutical International,, and Vitamin Shoppe. All these companies have stock traded on the NYSE, and it is also possible to buy binary options and CFD:s based on these companies using binary options brokers such as IQ Option (EUROPE)  or NADEX (US)

Supplements that can help you…

Below we are going to take a quick look at some health supplements that do work.  It is, however, important to remember that none of these products are miracle drugs. They can help you but do not expects too much.

Combat diseases

I want to start by warning you that most supplements that are sold to combat diseases are scams.  Supplements can seldom help treat diseases although they can sometimes help reduce the symptoms.  This is especially true with regards to terminal diseases such as cancer. Download Android MODs

Supplements are best used to help boost the immune system and prevent diseases. Increasing the immune system can also help you get healthy quickly when you get sick.  But it will not help you cure incurable diseases.

Examples of supplements that have a proven effect and that can help you boost your immune system include Chaga, and vitamins such as vitamin C.

Garcinia cambogiaBetter performance

There is a number of good performance enhancing supplements on the market.  Some of these are very well researched and has been used for a long term.  The most well-known performance enhancer in the market is caffeine.  Caffeine is used by billions of people each day.  Caffeine is found in coffee and tea.

Other popular natural supplements that can improve your performance include Theobromine and Garcinia cambogia.

Lose weight

There are thousands of different weight loss supplements available on the market.  Most of them are scams that promise more than they can deliver.  There is, however, some supplements that can help you reduce your weight by giving you more energy or by increasing your metabolic rate.  None of these supplements are magical bullets.  You still need to work hard to lose weight.  The supplements will, however, make it a little bit easier. They will allow you to lose weight a little bit faster.

Examples of supplements that can help you lose weight include Forskolin, Green coffee, Theobromine, and Caffeine.

Better skin

There are a number of supplements that are proven to be able to help you get healthier more beautiful skin and hair. You will not need these supplements if you eat a healthy and varied diet. If you do, you will get everything you need from your food.  But if you do not have time to eat healthily or if you want to make sure that you get enough of these substances than a supplement can be a good choice for you.

Supplements that can help you get healthier skin includes Keratin, and vitamin C.